President                               Larry Cooper
IPP                                      John Taylor
Secretary   Chuck Frush
Treasurer     Rex Pierson
Program VP               Dennis Olmstead
Membership VP               John Taylor
Public Relations VP      John Thrasher
Music VP Open Members-at-large
        Bob Brethouwer 
       Tim Lund
       Larry Wilkinson
Communications VP        Bill Sutton
Director    Larry Cooper
Administrative Officer Open
Director Emeritus Tom Chamberlain

Chapter Historian     Tom Chamberlain
Sergeant at Arms       Bob Brethouwer


Bulletin Editor:   Bill Sutton
Webmaster:        Bill Sutton

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for a Board Meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend to offer their help and suggestions.

Want to contact an Officer for more information?  Click HERE 



Tom is one of the few who can say he was a Charter Member of our Chapter.  He has been our chorus director in the past, been our President and a Barbershopper of the Year.  He sang bass in a long running quartet, The Hillcrest Avenue Marble Club.  His valuable contributions to our Chapter is gratefully acknowledged. But what you may not know about Tom is that he was born on exactly the same day as Elvis Presley.  Must be musical twins.

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