Check this page before you ask silly questions about what is being done about the 2018 Show.  All information available will be on this page.  Keep checking to follow the progress.  

This page updated on March 13, 2018

  • The date for our 2018 Annual Show has been selected and approved by the Montrose Pavilion.  It is March 31, 2018 at 7:00 pm.
  • The title for our show is "STARRY NIGHTS". 
  • Cost this year will be $15.  Kids under 12 Free.
  • A free Afterglow will follow the show
  • We have a contract signed for our Guest Quartet MAELSTROM.  
  • Grand Mesa A Cappella will appear on our show.  
  • Delta HS choir will appear on our show.  
  • Montrose choir will appear on our show.  
  • Olathe HS choir will appear on our show along with a female quartet.



JOHN TAYLOR will be the emcee for the show.

Want to read the SCRIPT?  Me too.  Thanks John Taylor for the fine job.  

The list of possible donors from 2016 and those who are wiling to contact them follows.  Make sure your name is included.   

Coop and Wilma have come up with a preferred arrangement of the chorus for the show.  Here it is.  Coop would like us to try to do what he wants.  

Larry Cooper made seating arrangements for everyone for the show last night.  The following is the seating arrangement.
Back Row at left of conductor:
Phil P., Dr. Bob, Dan Baer, Don W., Carl, Larry E., Vern, Sam, Chuck, Grady, Dan O., Alan K., Ken Graybill & Bill Sutton

Front Row at left of conductor:
John Thrasher, Ken Cotter, Tom, Tim L., Rex, Lee, Tim D., Dave S., John R. & Lloyd.

If you have any questions please contact Larry C.

All stage preparation crews are requested to meet at the pavilion at 1:00 pm on Saturday, March 31, to get the stage ready for the show.

The final rehearsal will be held at 3:00 pm on March 31.   All singing chorus members should be present.  There will be a break between rehearsal and show time at 7:00 pm

At this time we have one chapter quartet committed to sing on our Show.   Rocky Road will also sing a song with the Olathe female quartet.  

SHOW SONG LIST FOR 2018   Click on HISTORY to see when we learned these songs and on which shows they were sung. Listen to the LEARNING TRACKS. 

Revised 2/10/18

Songs For Our Show in Show Order (You can practice and work on memorizing these with confidence they will be on the show)
 Happy days are here again
 Zip a Dee Doo Dah
 Meet me tonight in dreamland
 You tell me your dreams
 Don't be a baby baby.
 I don't know why I love you like I do
 This little light of Mine/Do Lord Medley
 I'll Fly Away
 Lost in the stars
 Over the rainbow

Montrose Ticket price:  

$15/person.  No advance savings.  Children under 12 FREE. 
Afterglow: FREE  

Click on UPDATE to see the progress chart of show planning

 Or view it below on scrollable chart.  This chart was NOT USED for our 2018 Show.


SHOW COMMITTEES:  See the table.  


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