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  This registered quartet sings with emotion. Fourmata appeared on the Delta Community concert and sang as a guest of the Valley Symphony. If you would like them to sing at your event, contact Bill by e-mail or call him at 874-9280.

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The One Rose That's Left in my Heart.mp3

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Contact:  Vern Dockter 

970 - 210 - 1793

Summertime Quartet  Who says singing can't be fun?   

they sang together for over a year, and specialized in doo wop songs for old guys. They are currently not available to sing for you.  Sadly, Duane, the bass, passed away on March 21, 2010, after a valiant battle.  He will now be singing with the Celestial Chorus in Heaven.  
The longest running registered quartet in the Montrose
Chapter, The Silver Haired Daddies, has hung up their
pitch pipe.  It was a great ride, and everyone should try it.


      These guys sang together from 1991 to 2007
Pickup quartetting is a part of our regular Thursday evening rehearsals. 
Everyone gets a chance to show off. 

Pickup quartet at Ridgway in August, 2009

Four in a quartet is usually enough. 
someone decides they need to help
When you are singing, you are GETTING YOUNGER!   

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